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Trust as the key to success

For Javier Cámara (director of the eponymous company that produces systems for livestock farming), it is important to have a supplier that he can trust, who responds quickly at any time, rectifying malfunctions immediately and offering suggestions to increase productivity. He knows that he can count on TRUMPF completely.

Javier Cámara Industrias Ganaderas, S.L.

The company was founded by Javier Cámara Campó at the end of the 1960s in the village of Caleruega (Burgos) and originally produced wooden carts. The manufacture of feed containers, fences and drinking troughs for sheep, cattle and pig farming was added later on. The company grew throughout the 1970s, the production systems were extended until it finally moved to Aranda de Duero at the end of the 1990s. Today, the company offers a wide range of products, making the lives of livestock farmers simpler and more profitable. The company consistently relies on technological research and new product designs and is also a market leader in its sector.

Manufacture of systems for livestock farming
Aranda de Duero (Spain)
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Challenges: Increase in production

When the company was founded in the 1960s, it produced mainly ox carts, usually still using very rudimentary procedures. With the modernization of the livestock industry, Javier Cámara was forced to progress along with the sector and to bring new products to market (such as feeding and drinking troughs) as the livestock owners kept placing increasingly high demands. The company is facing a new challenge at the moment. "Livestock owners have to be able to look after a greater number of animals with much fewer people," emphasizes Production Manager Jon Esteban. "This is only possible by investing in much more sophisticated systems," he adds.

TRUMPF is there from the beginning – from the sale to the start-up of the machine, as well as customer service.

Javier Cámara
CEO of Javier Cámara Industrias Ganaderas, S.L.

Solutions: Investments in quality and innovation

For Javier Cámara, it was apparent from the very start: he counts on high-quality industrial systems and automation for cutting, folding and assembly processes in order to master the increase in production. He is certain that his decision to use the automated solutions from TRUMPF with their simple operation and in-house software have contributed significantly to the company's ability to cope with its capacity expansion.


Implementation: TruBend 5170 and BendMaster 150

To meet the challenges of the production, the company Firma Javier Cámara recently purchased a TruBend bending machine and an automated bending cell with BendMaster 150 from TRUMPF. For Achraf Bousmaha, metal bending technician at Javier Cámara, one of the benefits of working with an automated bending machine is that the sheets no longer have to be handled manually, thus preventing injuries – as well as the fact that TRUMPF machines run fully automatically for a very long time, i.e. without any type of supervision. This increases production enormously.


Javier Cámara and his team already have their eyes on the next challenges. They know that in the coming years it will be important to offer more and more high-tech products to their clients, for example feed robots and digital scales. They would like to do this together with TRUMPF, the market leader in technological solutions for sheet metal processing.

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