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Scientific lasers

Science often requires unique laser systems with cutting-edge performances. The specifications for these light sources can go far beyond current state-of-the-art. TRUMPF offers an exclusive technology portfolio to meet the demanding and versatile needs of scientific customers. Globally renowned for its material processing lasers, TRUMPF also includes several subsidiaries that develop and manufacture customized laser systems specifically for pioneer researchers. The portfolio spans a wide range of power and energy, ranging from low-power cw-sources to femtosecond lasers of the highest intensity.

Pikosekunden- und Femtosekunden-Laser höchster Leistungen und Energie

TRUMPF Scientific Lasers

TRUMPF Scientific Lasers offers their customers the world’s most powerful regenerative amplifiers – the Dira series. We provide tailor-made picosecond and femtosecond light sources. They deliver pulse energies above 200mJ at kHz repetition rates for a variety of unique applications in science and industry. All Dira lasers are based on the mature TRUMPF thin-disk technology. Our product portfolio includes optical parametric amplifiers, femtosecond synchronization tools and optical components also.


AMPHOS entwickelt und fertigt Hochleistungs-UKP-Laser für wissenschaftliche und industrielle Anwendungen. Basierend auf der InnoSlab Verstärkertechnologie werden Lasersysteme produziert mit Ausgangsleistung bis zu 1000W, Pulsenergie von 20mJ, Pulsdauer < 1ps. Verfügbar sind Wellenlängen von UV bis IR. Anwendungen befinden sich im Bereich der Grundlagenforschung (z.B. OPCPA, Attosecond Physics, Free-Electron-Lasers) sowie im Bereich der Materialbearbeitung. Die hohe Fertigungstiefe von Seedlaser – über Verstärker bis zur Systemtechnik – ermöglicht kundenspezifische Lösungen.

Access Laser

Access Laser manufactures custom, high-performance longwave infrared light sources to provide unique value to researchers and OEM’s engaged in the next generation of precision measurement, sensing and manufacturing. Our wavelength selectable lasers allow automated sampling in industries such as biomedical diagnosis and chemical identification LiDAR. Combining this with industry leading power stability we enable breakthroughs in applications such as metamaterial fabrication of GaN semiconductors, graphene and the next generation of consumer electronics through Extreme-Ultraviolet photolithography.

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