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Image of the technology inside the TRUMPF disk laser

TRUMPF lasers

Cutting, welding, marking, processing surfaces – more and more manufacturing technology experts are valuing the flexibility, versatility, and cost efficiency of the laser tool. At TRUMPF, you will find the right laser for any task. We offer you advice and support on how you can build your Smart Factory step by step by networking your lasers with software, machines, and services, and therefore how to equip yourself for the digital future of your production facility.

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Machines and systems from TRUMPF
Machines & systems

If you require flexible processing of sheet metal and tubes, TRUMPF can offer the ideal machine tools and laser systems in a wide range of applications.

TRUMPF's application variety

Find the right TRUMPF product for your application – perfectly tailored to you!

Overview of VCSEL heating systems
TruHeat VCSEL Systems

Beam sources based on VCSEL arrays heat large surfaces with targeted infrared radiation. This means the emission zones of the VCSEL heating systems can be individually controlled for high precision and control.

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