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Quality Data Storage

Quality Data Storage offers the option of recording the process data of your lasers and the respective connected optics and sensor systems as well as storing the data in a process-synchronous way and visualizing it.

Traceability and quality assurance of your process data

The system records process data and stores it in flexible storage locations. This data stays with you locally. This means that your data quality assurance is automated. For seamless traceability, you can assign the applicable relevant process data from the laser, the optics or other process sensors to each component. This enables you to analyze data over several processes as well, and it subsequently makes it easier to determine the cause of quality defects.

Infrastructure and data flow

Services available for the following lasers and laser systems

Lasers and laser systems Smart View Services Condition Monitoring Quality Data Storage
TruDisk + + +
TruFiber + + +
TruMark + - -
TruMicro + + -
TruMicro Mark + + -
TruPulse + - +
TruDiode + + +
TruLaser Cell (+) * + -

*expected to be available from Q4 2022

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Image of the technology inside the TRUMPF disk laser

Whether it's cutting, welding, marking, or processing surfaces: with TRUMPF, you benefit from the flexibility, versatility, and cost-efficiency provided by lasers.

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