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Ramona Hönl

Lena explains: When is a punch-laser machine worth it?

A 2D laser machine handles standard jobs well. A punch-laser machine is the better choice for complex components with formed sections or extrusions. Lena Eisenhardt, demonstration technician at TRUMPF's Customer Center, explains the reasons why to us.

A 2D laser machine has its limitations when it comes to complex jobs. For example, if a worker wants to insert a thread into the component, they first have to take it to the punching machine. They then cut the components with the 2D laser and have to sort them manually. This is time-consuming when dealing with large quantities, and the process is prone to errors. All this costs the company time and money.

Two steps on one machine

A punch-laser machine is the better option for large, complex jobs. Here, the punching and cutting gets done on one machine. Only in exceptional cases will the operator have to intervene between these machining steps. Less work done by hand means faster, smoother production. When the machine has done its job, it sorts the parts automatically or conveys them into boxes. This lightens the operator’s workload.

Quelle: TRUMPF
Lena Eisenhardt

Lena Eisenhardt apprenticed as an industrial mechanic at TRUMPF. She has been working as a demo technician in the TRUMPF Customer Center since 2018. In spring of 2021, she will complete her advanced training to earn certification as Bachelor Professional of Metal Production and Management. 

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Quelle: TRUMPF