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Economic and quick entry into laser tube processing

Downtime is a foreign concept for Mischitz GmbH. The family company, founded in 1974, has developed from a metalworking shop to a provider of complex welded assemblies in recent years. One reason: continuous investment in new machines and technologies. Mischitz has used the opportunity to extend its portfolio with laser tube processing with the entry-level machine TruLaser Tube 3000 fiber. Just about 90 minutes after commissioning, the machine was already producing the first parts. Heiko Mischitz, Executive Partner at Mischitz GmbH, is enthusiastic: "Traditional tube processing is time-consuming. We save three to four work steps with this machine."

Mischitz GmbH is a supplier for all things concerning sheet metal processing and is a specialist for the construction and production of complex welded assemblies. The company is expanding its extensive portfolio with its launch into laser tube processing.

Sheet metal processing
Number of employees
Kaiserslautern (Germany)
TRUMPF products
  • TruLaser Tube 3000 fiber
  • Laser cutting
  • Laser welding
  • Bending


Every single work step counts in the production of welded assemblies. Traditional tube processing with its many work steps took a great deal of time at Mischitz. But is an investment in a laser tube cutting machine worthwhile for smaller companies? After testing the entry-level machine TruLaser Tube 3000 fiber from TRUMPF, Heiko and Patric Mischitz, Executive Partners at Mischitz GmbH, can answer this question with a clear and definitive "Yes!".

The time saved during tube processing has an effect on the entire throughput time. The investment in the machine was definitely worth it for us.

Patric Mischitz
Executive Partner at Mischitz GmbH


TRUMPF developed the TruLaser Tube 3000 fiber specifically to meet the requirements of anyone starting out in this technology. It cuts with flexibility, precision and speed. Heiko Mischitz explains: "The system saves us three to four work steps during production, even the subsequent processes take much less time. In the past, there were often further queries during construction. These are now redundant." Not only the highly precise production and repeatability convinced Patric and Heiko Mischitz, but also the system's easy accessibility and simple operation.



TRUMPF scheduled three weeks to set up the system. At the same time, Heiko Mischitz attended a training course in Ditzingen. Patric Mischitz is impressed: "Just about 90 minutes after commissioning, the machine is already producing the first parts."


Mischitz wants to further its development in future as well and is constantly on the lookout to see which technologies would help them offer their customers optimum quality along with quick delivery times. Heiko and Patric Mischitz trust in TRUMPF as a reliable partner: "We feel we are in a very good position with TRUMPF".

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TruLaser Tube 3000 fiber
TruLaser Tube 3000 fiber

Reliable, easy to use and economical for any workload – you are always on the right track in laser tube cutting with the TruLaser Tube 3000 fiber.

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