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Social issues and the community

As a family company, TRUMPF wants to actively participate in the community. For this reason, we are committed to our employees and to the community.

How do we engage in social issues and with our community?

Engagement creates added value. In particular our role as a family company means that we need to play our part in society: This underpins our belief that companies need to take responsibility and actively put our system of shared values into practice.  

We care for the well-being of our employees.

We create a safe working environment for our employees that enables them to exercise responsibility and individual freedom. 

We support educational and research projects.

With our commitment to research and education, we want to get people excited about STEM professions, promote issues of the future, and ensure educational equity. 

We support art and culture projects.

We want to provide a space for art and culture and thus create an inspiring environment for innovations.

We initiate and support community projects.

With our community support projects, we help socially disadvantaged people and thereby increase equality of opportunity in society. 

We take responsibility

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For our employees

As a responsible employer, we care about offering our employees personal creative freedom and a safe working environment, thereby fostering creative ideas.  

For the community

Social engagement

We take responsibility as part of the community. Find out more about our successful community projects. 

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Education and research

As a high-tech company, we thrive on fresh ideas and stimuli. Education is the basis for innovation and progress. Find out which projects we support. 

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Art and culture

Art and culture create an inspiring environment for innovations. Learn about the cultural and artistic projects that we support. 

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