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Real-time locating


The beating heart of your locating system.

Your universal RTLS locating software for the omlox core zone

The logistics industry is facing major challenges and similar questions: Where are the downtimes? How high are the search times and where are they incurred? How can the interaction between AGV/AMR and employees be set up as safely as possible without collisions? Location data generated by real-time locating systems (RTLS) can answer these questions. TRUMPF locating software CorivaEngine generates this location data and is based on the manufacturer-independent RTLS standard, omlox. Thanks to robust and highly accurate ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, CorivaEngine allows for particularly reliable locating in real time. The open RTLS standard, omlox, ensures seamless interoperability with compatible RTLS devices from different manufacturers (e.g. tags, badges or AGVs) and guarantees maximum investment security.


Benefit from reliable and accurate real-time locating even in challenging spatial conditions thanks to powerful UWB technology. The state-of-the-art locating engine based on the latest algorithms.


Integrate all omlox-compatible real time locating system (RTLS) devices such as tags, badges and AGVs, no matter the manufacturer.


Thanks to the non-proprietary, manufacturer-independent RTLS standard, omlox, your investment is future-proof.


CorivaEngine is designed as a scalable system that adapts to your needs and grows flexibly - both in terms of the illuminated area and use cases.

How real time localization with Coriva works

CorivaEngine as a central element of the omlox world

The omlox core zone and the omlox hub together form the two central elements of an omlox-based RTLS. UWB-compatible mobile devices (e.g. UWB tags and UWB power tools, automated guided vehicle systems with UWB capability) are located in an omlox core zone, for example of the Coriva series from TRUMPF, of permanently installed devices – known as satellites – and a software program – the CorivaEngine. Via the standardized interface, this position data finally reaches a superordinate omlox hub, which aggregates it with data from other positioning systems (e.g. GPS tags, RFID gates). Software applications can then access the location data uniformly via another standardized interface.

The heart of your locating system: give us a call!

Want to get the most out of your omlox core zone? We will be happy to advise you on how you too can benefit from our reliable and powerful locating software.

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With these tools, we support you in project planning throughout the entire RTLS life cycle

Intuitive planning

Our user-friendly and intuitive user interface allows for easy drag-and-drop planning. This provides you with optimal support in calculating the number and placement of the required satellites. You can also save and export your plans to simplify the installation process.

Fast setup

Reduce setup time by simply using the results from the planning process. Satellite positions can be easily changed.

Map view in real time

Benefit from the clear satellite and day overview in real time: Find the object you are looking for at any time and stay up to date on its status (e.g. battery life).

Condition Monitoring

Configure your dashboard to your requirements to always have an eye on the most important parameters.

The corresponding hardware for the CorivaEngine for your individual RTLS solution

Whether rechargeable or battery-powered, with or without a display, TRUMPF works with a wide variety of tag suppliers.

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