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TRUMPF is a high-tech company developing and providing manufacturing solutions for machine tools and laser technology. There are also other affiliated companies specializing in meeting the specific needs of their client group. For example, in addition to the classic laser families for material processing, TRUMPF has several subsidiaries that develop and manufacture customized laser systems for use in research.

TRUMPF Scientific Lasers

Laser systems from TRUMPF Scientific Lasers are indispensable tools for generating high-power, high-energy picosecond and femtosecond laser pulses. These robust next-generation light sources deliver laser pulses with more than 200 mJ of energy or just a few oscillations of the electric field. The numerous versions and options mean that customers always get a system tailored to their needs.


Dira 200-1, product picture
Dira series

Lasers from the Dira series deliver pulses with picosecond durations and pulse energy of up to 200 mJ – the highest pulse energy rate that can currently be generated using a regenerative amplifier.

Optical Parametric Amplifiers, product picture
Optical parametric amplifiers

Optical parametric amplifiers have established themselves as a high-performance tool for generating broadband light pulses with few cycles. They are currently the only means of generating such pulses at the multi-mJ level.

Laser accessories, product picture
Laser accessories

TRUMPF Scientific Laser gives customers various tools for integrating and optimizing laser systems – such as femtosecond pulse synchronization, customized laser head controls, delay generators and optical components.


AMPHOS ("Amplifying Photonics") is a spin-off from the renowned Fraunhofer ILT and RWTH Aachen. It has been part of the TRUMPF Group since 2018. AMPHOS develops and manufactures high-power UKP lasers for scientific and industrial applications.


Cutting glass

Ultra-short laser pulses are ideal for removing dielectrics. The high output power of AMPHOS laser systems results in high ablation rates. Research has shown that ablation rates are linearly scaled with output power.

3D processing of transparent media – ISLE

An innovative process for 3D structuring of transparent parts is the so-called "selective laser etching" (ISLE - In Volume Selective Laser Etching). In a first step, the material is modified using fs laser radiation. The second step removes the modified volume using a standard etching process.


AMPHOS laser systems are ideal for processing composite materials. The non-linear absorption process means that different types of material can be removed with the same high quality. CFRP or GRP materials can then be machined at the highest ablation rates of 2 to 3 mm² / s at 150 W power.

Access Laser

Access Laser

Access Laser Co. manufactures low-power CO2 lasers. The most important application concerns lasers for EUV lithography in the manufacture of microchips. The low-power CO2 lasers with their laser lights act as beam sources, which in EUV systems are used in combination with TRUMPF laser amplifiers.


Industrial lasers

Access Laser's industrial, laser products are used worldwide for industrial cutting, welding, marking and coding. The lasers have also proven themselves in dental surgery and in the field of skin resurfacing.

High-power lasers

Our industry-leading family of stabilized lasers delivers high power while maintaining a 2% accuracy wavelength – in both fan- and water-cooled configurations. For example, Access Laser provides unrivalled performance in kiss cutting (selective depth), thin film ablation and fibre optic fabrication.

Scientific applications

Stabilized Access lasers are suitable for a wide range of scientific applications. The lasers open up a wide range of research and development options for areas such as spectroscopy, trace gas and breath analysis as well as environmental monitoring.

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