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historical picture showing laser development in the 1980s at TRUMPF

TRUMPF Conquers the World of Lasers

the official TRUMPF Logo


New logo

In 1985, the company gets a new logo. It is functional, modest, and signals a solid foundation and timelessness.

The company has 1,500 employees and generates sales of just under DM 300 million.

historical picture of the TLF laser
The first self-developed and produced CO2 laser

TRUMPF showcases itself as a laser manufacturer with the first self-developed and produced CO2 laser, the TRUMPF LASER TLF 1000. It has a beam power of over 1 kW and is the first compact laser resonator to feature radio-frequency excitation (RF excitation).

HAAS Strahltechnik develops and presents the first fiber optic cable for industrial use. Its yellow color has remained the norm to this day.

historical logo of HAAS-LASER GmbH + Co. KG



The HAAS Strahltechnik business division becomes the independent company HAAS-LASER GmbH + Co. KG.

historical picture of the TruMatic L 3000


Flatbed laser cutting machine with flying optics

TRUMPF unveils another innovation in this sector – the TRUMATIC L 3000 flatbed laser machine with flying optics. Instead of the workpiece being moved, the processing head "flies" over the sheet.

historical picture of the first folded high performance laser of TRUMPF


The best-selling multi-kilowatt laser

At the EMO in Hanover, the first "folded" laser is presented in a TRUMATIC 240 LASERPRESS. To this day, it is the best-selling multi-kilowatt laser. The company has 2,400 employees and sales of DM 525 million.

building of TRUMPF Hüttinger in Freiburg Germany


Acquisition of majority share of HÜTTINGER

Collaboration between HÜTTINGER and TRUMPF began in 1986, and developed so well over the years that in 1990 TRUMPF acquired a majority share of HÜTTINGER. Since then, HÜTTINGER has been a member of the TRUMPF Group with its development of laser generators. 

company building of TRUMPF Austria
Foundation of TRUMPF Maschinen Austria

In order to close the TRUMPF process chain from 2D blanks to a completed 3D product, TRUMPF decides to enter into the world of bending technology. 1991 sees the acquisition of a new plant in Linz. The V50 is built as the first machine of the successful TrumaBend V-series, and presented to the world for the first time at the 1993 EMO trade show in Hanover.

building of TRUMPF Singapur subsidiary


Foundation of TRUMPF Singapore

TRUMPF Singapore was founded in 1991 and has since developed into the hub of the Asia-Pacific region. The TRUMPF office is located in the German Center in the International Business Park in Jurong East.

historical picture of Haas Laser at a trade show
HAAS-LASER Lay 506 D presented at TRUMPF trade fair stand

TRUMPF enters the world of solid-state lasers with a shareholding in HAAS LASER GmbH in Schramberg. At Euroblech in Hanover, HAAS-LASER is represented on a TRUMPF stand for the first time and showcases the Lay 506 D CW laser. The company now belongs 100% to the TRUMPF Group. 

At the LASER trade show, HAAS-LASER presents a study for the first multi-kilowatt continuous wave solid-state laser designed for industrial use.



historical picture of the former building of TRUMPF in Neukirch


Expansion to the new German states

In 1991, "Sächsische Werkzeug- und Sondermaschinen GmbH", managed by the Treuhandanstalt Berlin, begins production of loading equipment for TRUMPF. In 1992, the company is privatized as a subsidiary of the TRUMPF Group and receives an order to develop a water jet cutting machine, which is then presented at EuroBLECH 1992.

The Berthold Leibinger Foundation is established.

historical picture showing a combined punching and laser-cutting machine of TRUMPF

Combining the existing with the new: Punching machines with lasers

headquarters building of TRUMPF in Ditzingen Germany

Tapping New Fields

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