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Edge forming with edge trimmers and bevelers

Find out more about oxide-free cutting edges, emission-free working, and how to produce visible edges and welding edges in a single operation.

Edge trimmer process

Edge trimmer process

Edge trimmers use rotating milling heads to produce oxide-free chamfers. The machine does not require clamping into the workpiece, just simple guiding along the edges. An impeller guides the machine.

Edge trimmers break or round off sharp edges or prepare small weld seams. With dimensional accuracy and in one operation. Post-processing is unnecessary. The emission-free principle is an excellent alternative to angle grinders. 


  • Oxide-free cutting edges, emission-free
  • Only one processing step
  • Dimensionally accurate edges

Beveler process

Beveler process

TRUMPF patented the original "beveling tool for metal edges" over 50 years ago. We still use this unique cutting tool principle in our bevelers today and thus guarantee outstanding weld seam preparation.

The process is free of emissions and any significant heat influence. The working process does not generate any dust, vapors or flying sparks. This prevents structural changes in the metal and excludes chemical processes

The low surface roughness and oxide-free bare metal surfaces guarantee weld connections with a high load-bearing capacity. Post-processing is no longer necessary because the beveler ensures that the material is pushed away evenly and cleanly. Beveling can start or end at any point on the edge to be processed.


  • Emission-free
  • Oxide-free cutting edges, bare metal
  • Cutting tools can be reground several times for a long tool life
  • Adjustment of the sheet thickness without tools

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