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TruMatic machines combine all the advantages of punch laser processing. Whether it is small lot sizes or large series: you will produce a wide range of parts and solve even the most demanding of tasks with the punch laser machines. The punching head processes standard contours and formed sections such as tabs or threads. The laser is simply the best for cutting high-quality outer contours and delicate inner contours. Only punch laser machines enable you to cut highly precisely or even on forms which have already been created.

Solid-state lasers

Solid-state lasers enable you to cut quickly, in particular when cutting thin sheet. This is made possible by their emitted radiation, which has a wavelength of around 1.03 μm. This means the energy is absorbed more intensely by the material than with a CO2 laser, which has a wavelength of 10.6 μm. The laser thus applies more energy to the sheet metal, which enables faster cutting.

CO2 laser

CO2 lasers are tried-and-tested industrial lasers, durable, and robust. Their cut edge quality is so high that for the most part they do not need rework. The 10.6 μm wavelength produces burr-free edges which have very low surface roughness and are immediately ready for further processing.

At a glance: what benefits do our punch laser machines offer you?

Punch laser machines from TRUMPF provide particularly high-quality results and are as reliable as you want them to be. How? Find out more about this here.

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TruMatic 1000 fiber – efficient compact machine

TruMatic 1000 fiber

The TruMatic 1000 fiber is an innovative laser machine that punches, forms, and creates threads – with clever automation in minimal space.

TruMatic 3000 fiber

TruMatic 3000 fiber

Productive and economical: the TruMatic 3000 fiber combines punching and lasers. Parts can be manufactured entirely on just one machine. You get excellent part quality and simple operation in one.

TruMatic 5000 with SheetMaster

TruMatic 5000

The highly productive punch laser processing cell comprising the TruMatic 5000 and new SheetMaster produces your parts fully automatically, with high energy-efficiency and the best part quality - from loading to unloading, including sorting and palletizing.

TruMatic 7000

TruMatic 7000

The TruMatic 7000 brings together the advantages of punch and laser processing in a particularly cost-efficient way. The high-end punch laser machine meets the highest demands in regards to part quality, productivity, and flexibility.

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At a glance: The advantages of our punch laser machines

2-in-1: The efficiency of punching and the flexibility of a laser - combined. For this reason, punch laser processing is particularly lucrative. Learn more here about the TruMatic machines from TRUMPF.

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