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A huge number of working hours saved: a new machine brings new opportunities

The company Autz + Herrmann is one of Germany's laser welding pioneers. The business started in 1909 in Heidelberg. 90 years later, in 1999, the first robot laser welding cell from TRUMPF is installed at its headquarters. Even back then, the motto was: stay away from conventional production methods, get more involved in laser processing. As customer requirements demanded more heat conduction welding operations, Autz + Herrmann invested in a TruLaser Robot 5020. The systems supplier can now offer a wide processing spectrum with laser tacking, deep penetration welding and heat conduction welding – while saving an enormous amount of working time.

Autz + Herrmann GmbH

Systems supplier Autz + Herrmann works for customers from the printing, machine tools, facade engineering, food and medical technology industries and closes the final gap in its portfolio with the purchase of a TruLaser Robot 5020. The flexibility gained is the result of a positive attitude.

Sheet metal processing
Number of employees
Heidelberg (Germany)
  • Laser cutting
  • Bending
  • Laser welding


Up to now, Autz + Herrmann has always had to turn down any queries from customers concerning parts which are connected with heat conduction welding. In addition, the upstream production steps are not suitable for laser welding. Up to now, the company post-processed many parts manually using TIG welding, which took a great deal of time.

This machine offers us many new opportunities. It definitely makes work far more interesting.

Otto May
Foreman in the laser welding department at Autz + Herrmann


Autz + Herrmann invested in a TruLaser Robot 5020. The system is equipped with numerous features that make laser welding easier. "The option of motor-driven focusing was important to us. We can use this to quickly switch between a heat conduction seam with a low welding depth and a deep penetration weld," says CEO Florian Friedrich. Thanks to years of expertise in laser welding, Autz + Herrmann are also considering upstream working steps or fixture design – with assistance from TRUMPF. "We want to continue to develop our competence in future. That is why we attended a seminar on 'Fixture design' at TRUMPF," says Friedrich. The CEO is sure: with laser technology, Autz + Herrmann will be successful in the future as well.



The TruLaser Robot 5020 is equipped with a 3-kW disk laser and has a programmable mobile collimator lens which automatically adjusts the focus position within the optics. It also has integrated collision protection thanks to a magnetic coupling on the laser head as well as the optical offline seam sensor system TeachLine. This automatically corrects workpiece and fixture tolerances and secures stable processes.


CEO Friedrich has developed a three-point plan: first all existing products are reviewed and then redesigned for laser welding where appropriate. He also wants the benefits of the procedure to be made known to other customers thanks to increased acquisition. In addition, Autz + Herrmann want to offer completely new products. For example: "Electrical cabinets in the robotic sector which are often manufactured in Asia at the moment. Laser welding would be good for these," says Friedrich.

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