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TruControl – convenient control and optimization of your TRUMPF lasers
TruControl – convenient control and optimization of your TRUMPF lasers


Convenient control and optimization of your TRUMPF lasers.

Convenient control of your TRUMPF lasers

Every laser needs control in order to make full use of its capacity. TRUMPF uses the standardized TruControl for this purpose. This provides you with convenient commissioning of the laser, definition and storage of up to 1,000 different laser programs, and comprehensive additional functions for optimizing your lasers.

Easy to use

TruControl can be intuitively operated using a touchscreen or mouse on a PC or laptop.

Increased productivity

The statistics counter enables the laser utilization to be evaluated and optimized.

Comprehensive options

Optimize your production with comprehensive options such as live power display, CutAssist, or QDS.

Well supported

Take advantage of the benefits of TRUMPF Remote Services.

E-Mail Benachrichtigung, TruControl

E-mail notification

If there are warnings, errors, or malfunctions on the laser device, these are sent by e-mail to pre-defined people or groups. This offers the advantage that important messages, warnings, or occurring errors cannot be overlooked or go for long periods without action.

Best laser availability

TRUMPF remote services increase the overall availability of your laser. In numerous cases, TRUMPF service experts can connect to you directly by remote support and &take action if necessary, for example to restore the proper function of your laser. Software updates can also be carried out and expert support from trained TRUMPF employees can be provided too.

Laserstrahlzeit optimieren, TruControl

Optimum laser utilization

The statistics counter enables the laser utilization to be evaluated and optimized. Each use of each individual output is logged. This can be used to optimize the laser duty cycle and increase production productivity, in particular when integrating the laser in a laser network.

Optimized cut and weld quality

The CutAssist module enables you to achieve the optimum cut quality at difficult points such as corners, edges, and reversing points. You do not need to adjust the laser parameters to the speed of the processing machine when doing so. CutAssist uses the speed signal from the CNC control of your system and converts this into a laser power stipulation. This results in optimum adjustment of the laser parameters to the current speed – for both cutting and welding.

Simple quality data storage (QDS)

With the quality data storage module, you can record all quality-relevant data (nominal and actual values) during the machining process for the individual work steps. The recording does not interfere with the process, which means that the cycle time does not become any longer. The operator can decide on their own which data should be recorded. The accurate documentation means that it is possible to assign all parameters to specific components, shift data, times, etc. and achieve seamless traceability – even over many years.

Laserleistungskontrolle, TruControl

Power display at a glance

The live power display shows the actual laser power on the user interface and compares this with the nominal laser power. This reduces the time needed for troubleshooting and detailed measurements and evaluations are possible. The live power display requires active laser power control.

Flexible with all common fieldbus systems

TRUMPF lasers enable control via all common fieldbus systems, which makes them convenient and simple to integrate into systems – a great benefit for the integrator and end user.

TruControl Lasersteuerung

Powerful diagnostics

Numerous sensors provide comprehensive information about the status of your laser. You can use the control software TruControl to call up and monitor all the key status characteristics of the laser. TruControl therefore provides a powerful diagnostics tool at the same time as the control.

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