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Ink marking tool

Mark all materials simply, quickly, and flexibly

The new marking solution

The ink marking tool marks metals, non-metals, and film-coated sheets easily and quickly with any contour – without mechanical influences for a completely undamaged sheet. The ink marking tool is therefore the ideal solution for batch numbers, construction lines, or color highlighting. If necessary, the ink can be removed from the sheet later.

Broad spectrum of applications

The marking of all metal, non-metal and film-coated sheets.

Diverse contours

All conceivable contours can be made with the marker tip of the Edding 3000.

Undamaged surfaces

As there are no mechanical influences in processing, the sheet remains undamaged.

Subsequent removal

The ink can be removed from the sheet later using a solvent.


The machine option to engrave or mark combined with the ink marking tool means you can simply and quickly mark film-coated sheets, metals, and non metals of all thicknesses. This makes the tool a perfect companion for marking construction lines, or for full traceability of parts by material, batch and serial numbers. The ink marking tool offers the right solution even for markings that should no longer be visible after painting or coating the sheet. Ink running out? Simply refill the colors blue or red through an inlet opening in the punch shank.

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