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Sensor bending tools

Bending tools

No matter what you want to bend – with the bending tools from TRUMPF, you can achieve it. Choose from a comprehensive range of bending tools or have special tools created to your requirements. With the TRUMPF sensor tools for direct angle regulation in the bending process, you can successfully produce the first part in a series perfectly. Lightweight tools lessen the load of your day-to-day work.

For every situation

No matter what you would like to bend – TRUMPF will develop the right tool solution for you.

Quickly in hand

You can look forward to a quick tool solution and delivery.

Well advised

Get the best out of your bending machine – in-depth and expert advice will show you how this is possible.


Do you need advice or require a special tool? Then get in touch with our technology experts.

Bending tools for every requirement

Standard bending tool with Data Matrix Code

Standard tools

You can order all TRUMPF bending tools as a set or individually. With more than 150 different upper and lower tool versions in stock, numerous part geometries are possible. The Data Matrix Code enables simple scanning and therefore makes it possible to automatically load the tools into the control.

Bending tools with a lightweight design

Lightweight tools

Improved set-up: The lightweight bending tools from TRUMPF are up to 35% lighter. All common upper tools are also available in a lightweight design.

Sensor bending tools

Sensor tools

TRUMPF sensor tools work according to the tried-and-tested ACB measuring principle. Measurements are carried out directly in the process zone by sensor discs which are integrated in the tool shape. Additionally, adapters are available in the case of U bends with long sides – even for ACB sensor tools.

Bending tool, LASERdur ZN coating

LASERdur ZN and LASERdur AL coating

Our specially coated bending tools mean that unwanted adhesions of aluminum or zinc caused by sheet abrasion, and the resulting marks  and inaccuracies, are a thing of the past. With LASERdur AL and LASERdur ZN, you benefit from high-quality coatings that combine a high surface hardness of your tools with outstanding sliding properties. An added bonus: the coated tools are corrosion-resistant and do not need to be cleaned.


Bending with RollBend

The RollBend tool makes it possible for you to create low-mark, short flange lengths, as well as moldings and holes, close to the bending line, without causing deformation. It can be combined with standard dies. Now you can even bend without leaving any marks thanks to the new RollBend with its plastic jaws.

TruBend Series 8000 with ToolShuttle

Tool magazine

The ToolMaster sets up your bending machines automatically. This is extremely advantageous, especially when it comes to small lot sizes – work is faster and more ergonomic with the ToolMaster. It has enough space for 85 m of tools on average – and, depending on the tool, even more. You can also load it while the machine is bending.
Larger tools are possible for large parts – which is why we offer you the ToolShuttle especially for our TruBend Series 8000. This is a tool magazine that the operator can use to move the tools from the changer into the machine. There is space here for up to 60 m of tools.

Less set up, more bending

You will love the programming system TecZone Bend – it is extremely fast and easy to use. The Tool Setup Optimizer option checks which parts you need the same tools for and how the tool stations can be best combined. This enables you to bend the maximum number of parts with only one tool setup.



Do you need advice or require a special tool? Then get in touch with our technology experts.

Special tools

Take advantage of TRUMPF's expertise and have special tools produced, specifically to your requirements. TRUMPF provides you with consultation, develops, constructs, and tests your special tools.

Special tool, complete hinge tool

Complete hinge tool

The tool is designed for hinges with fixed dimensions (sheet thickness, hinge diameter, and hinge extent) and is used without a backgauge as the gauge is integrated in the tool. This enables door hinges to be produced quickly, for example.

Special tool, tool with pivoting window

Pivoting window tool

The tool with a pivoting window is used to bend closed profiles or U parts. The use of a pivoting adapter makes it possible/easier to remove products, saving you time and money.



During the bending procedure, the support areas of the sides press evenly against the sheet. There is almost no relative movement between the tool and the workpiece.

Special tool, louver tool for closed tool contours

Louver tool for closed tool contours

Louvers can be produced by forming the sheet on the die bending machine. Louvers are usually used as ventilation slots on housings.

Special tool, shape tool for radius bends

Forming tool for radius bends (circular part)

A circular part is produced by the form lock between the upper and lower tool. The bend radius is determined by the tool radius (depending on the sheet thickness, material type, etc.). Circular parts can be used as handrails for staircases, for example.

Special tool, tool for wide U part

Tool for wide U part

This tool can be used to produce very tall U profiles in a single step. To prevent the product from sticking in the die, an ejector and gas springs push the profile out of the lower tool.

Special tool, large rotating jaw tool

Large rotating jaw tool

This tool can be used to produce very tall U parts. The rotating jaws compensate for the springback in the material caused by overbending. This tool eliminates the need for prebending and folding.

Special tool, offset tool for C parts

Offset tool for C parts

C parts are generally created using gooseneck punches. The height and throat depth of these can be individually adapted.

Bending film

TRUMPF bending film

The bending film is placed over the lower tool and so prevents imprints that could occur on the workpiece due to friction with metal.

Special tool, die with R3 catchment radii

Die with R3 catchment radii

These dies have significantly larger working radii. They are used to ensure that the film does not tear and that there are no visible abrasion marks on the material surface when film-coated sheets are bent.

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