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With the right training, you can make the most of the potential of your process power supplies.

You are almost certainly familiar with the situation: You have a service problem, call an expert, and explain the issue over the telephone. If a particular detail is not noticed in the process, this may cost you valuable time in determining the cause of the issue. A service engineer then often has to travel to the customer, which costs time and money.

Our augmented reality solution

The smart glasses service provides you with virtual support from our highly qualified service engineers, who will offer you targeted advice to solve your problem. Simply scan the QR code provided using your smart glasses and then call our technical support team. Our service engineers can see and hear everything that you can.

This means that our specialists may be able to notice details which would otherwise perhaps remain undetected if the problem were just outlined on the telephone. Once the issue has been determined, important information will be displayed on the field of view on your smart glasses. Simply follow the instructions using the hands-free system – and the problem is solved!

You can get your production system back up and running again practically in the blink of an eye and for minimal service costs. Start your digital transformation now!

Your advantages

Problem solving within hours
No more waiting for a service engineer: Due to your smart glasses, the engineer is already essentially with you on site

The cost-effective option to get your machine up and running again
Save on travel costs for service engineers and avoid unnecessary waiting time

Precise remote diagnostics for fast solutions
Simply show us your service issue using your smart glasses and we will find a fast and simple solution

Considerably shorter downtimes
We will show you a quick path to the right solution – our Service experts will give you the necessary instructions virtually via your smart glasses

Benefit from knowledge transfer provided by our highly qualified service engineers
You can follow the process and will therefore become an expert yourself in the shortest amount of time

The smart glasses service is available for all products from TRUMPF Hüttinger

Types of courses

Level I: Bedienung und Funktionalität (Kopie 2)

Diese Schulung vermittelt Ihnen die erforderlichen Grundlagen für einen effizienten Betrieb Ihres Generators.

  • Grundlegender Aufbau und Funktionsweise des Generators
  • Installation
  • Bedienung und Generatormenü: Beschreibung der einzelnen Funktionen
Level II: Einfache Reparaturen (Kopie 2)

Nach dieser Schulung können Sie Wartungen und einfache Reparaturen selbstständig durchführen.

  • Aufbau des Generators: Funktion und Zusammenspiel einzelner Baugruppen und Module
  • Wartungshinweise
  • Reparatur einfacher Fehlerbilder
  • Grundlagen des Arc-Managements
Level III: Applikation (Kopie 2)

Diese Schulung befähigt Sie, Ihren Generator optimal an Ihre Applikation anzupassen. Sie erhalten fundierte Kenntnisse, um die hierfür notwendigen Einstellungen vorzunehmen.

  • Matching
  • Arc-Management
  • Kundenspezifische Anforderungen
  • Grundlagen des Plasmaprozesses
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