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Heribert Spiekermann Metallverarbeitung GmbH is a worldwide operating family business which will stay a family business also with the next generation. The company is based in Germany's Sauerland region and manufactures precision single parts, assemblies and complete solutions in premium quality, especially pendant, floor and suspended lamps for well-known brands. The company is one of the leading suppliers in Germany for pressed, stamped, drawn and bent parts as well as for embossed, laser and nibbler parts. It also operates its own tool shop with over 20,000 tools.

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  • Single parts, assemblies and complete solutions for lights Pressed, stamped, drawn or bent parts as well as embossed, laser and nibbler parts

"Reducing ordering times from 45 to 5 minutes? We never believed it would be possible". Spiekermann uses Easy Order

As a supplier for the lighting and metal industry, Spiekermann focuses on fast order processing. Ordering consumables for machines should be a minor task. But the time Johann Klassen actually spent ordering consumables only became apparent when he switched to ordering from TRUMPF via an app. Ordering is faster and more transparent and avoids production downtimes.


Delays and downtimes due to missing consumable parts such as dies, adjusting rings or nozzles for punching and laser machines were reducing the company's ability to deliver on time. As a programmer, Johann Klassen was also responsible for purchasing. "The former ordering process began with a simple paper note. The lack of transparency about orders meant we were regularly missing parts which resulted in our own deliveries to customers being delayed by up to a week", recalls Klassen. And on-time delivery is vital to remain competitive.

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"Easy Order saves time and makes day to day operations much easier. It lets us concentrate fully on our production and turns the ordering of spare parts into a minor task again."

Johann Klassen
Heribert Spiekermann Metallverarbeitung GmbH


The Easy Order app enables seamless digital ordering for genuine parts and punching tools. Instead of the effort of handing over handwritten notes to the plant manager or purchasing department at the end of a shift, the three shift managers now use a smartphone in the production hall to instantly enter their consumable and punching tool needs. Approval and ordering by those responsible can also be carried out using the app regardless of where they are.


"The app is very intuitive to use so no special training was required. Production personnel simply select the relevant spare part for their machine from a product catalogue and click on the order request", says Klassen. Re-ordering punching tools is even easier: just scan the Data Matrix code on the tool to identify it. Manually searching product numbers is unnecessary and incorrect orders, e.g. due to incorrectly entered dimensions, are avoided. The app also lets colleagues in the following shift know whether a part has already been requested. "Overall, orders can now be processed in less than a tenth of the time", says Klassen.


The Easy Order app is available for free to customers in Germany, Austria, Italy and England via the standard app stores. All you need is a free MyTRUMPF account. At Spiekermann, ordering times of 45 minutes for 10 to 15 items had been normal because order numbers needed to be looked up. "We can now do the same thing in 2 to 5 minutes. We can then fully concentrate on production, with the ordering of spare parts being a minor task", sums up Klassen.  

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Spiekermann success story, order Easy Order app
Spiekermann success story, order Easy Order app
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