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Smart View Services

Smart View Services

Condition Monitoring is supplemented with Smart View Services. These are clearly arranged dashboards for visualization of the current laser states.

Keep your eye on your lasers

With Smart View Services you can independently gain an overview of the state of your lasers. Based on secure data transfer, status data is transferred and automatically represented in the form of clear dashboards. If required, you can access more in-depth detail views. In addition to the status conditions, the dashboards also create transparency over extended device data, error messages that have arisen, laser utilization, upcoming maintenance data, and changes made to the laser and scanner programs. With this consolidated information, you can save time on your maintenance. By being able to initiate measures in time, you can also avoid downtimes, and thereby increase availability and productivity.

Infrastructure and data flow

Services available for the following lasers and laser systems

Lasers and laser systems Smart View Services Condition Monitoring Quality Data Storage
TruDisk + + +
TruFiber + + +
TruMark + - -
TruMicro + + -
TruMicro Mark + + -
TruPulse + - +
TruDiode + + +
TruLaser Cell (+) * + -

*expected to be available from Q4 2022

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