3D-printed copper parts: maximum density, >100% IACS, 1000 % TRUMPF!

Additive manufacturing of highly reflective materials poses users with particular challenges regarding density, conductivity and surface roughness. But the breakthrough is finally here: components made of pure copper or copper alloys can be printed with a maximum density and an electrical conductivity of 100 % IACS. The unique combination of the green TruDisk 1020 laser with our TruPrint 1000 Laser Metal Fusion System facilitates completely new applications with immediate effect – provided the optimum parameters are in place.

White paper: find out all the details on process parameters & Co.

Read more about the research and analysis of process parameters from samples of pure copper and the CuCr1Zr alloy. Just fill in the form below and receive exclusive background information and more details in our white paper.

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