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Less is more: more productivity with networking and reduction

Seventy years ago, two brothers opened a workshop in Southern Brazil. They went on to become the largest manufacturer of trailers and semitrailers in Latin America. To maintain this position and expand it further, the Randon Group is investing in a reduced machine pool and digitalization.

Randon laser

Randon SA Implementos e Participacoes is Latin America's largest manufacturer of trailers and semitrailers, also producing rail carriages, special vehicles and automotive parts on a large scale - in a total of 22 factories. Ten companies, one bank and 87 hectares of test grounds also belong to the group.

Mechanical engineering & operating technology
Number of employees
Caxias Do Sul, Brazil


The ultimate objective of business owner Daniel Randon is to maintain the leading role the company has achieved over seven decades with vision and foresight by guaranteeing up-to-date products with cutting-edge technologies and by anticipating trends. For this reason, Randon is actively driving the digitalization of his production forward. At the moment, the group is occupied with a large retrofitting project, which is to be completed this year. Reduction of the machine pool and the corresponding operating costs is paramount. The goal is clear: Randon is aiming to operate with the largest laser cutting system in Latin America.

We realized that with one new laser cutting machine, we can produce as much as with three old ones. Compared to plasma cutting, a TruLaser produces even six times as much.

Daniel Randon
CEO of Empresas Randon


The decisive factor for the lower operating costs of the new TRUMPF laser cutting machines: Highspeed Eco. With this cutting process, which is suitable for all of the TruLaser Series 5000 machines and some of the 3000 Series, Randon saves 30 percent of their gas when laser cutting. What really makes this possible is an innovative nozzle that enables up to 70 percent gas savings depending on the material. Barely any cutting gas escapes and it is directed straight at the kerf. The gas pressure needed to free the kerf from molten material is reduced by up to 60 percent.



At the moment, Randon is replacing 32 machines used for the current production of the huge trailer parts with five TruLaser machines of varying laser powers. Six TruBend bending machines will also be added, as will a STOPA storage system which will be connected to the machines. The group will manage 80 percent of their trailer production with this new production system.


Randon believes there are two options for the future: when the market no longer requires high production, they will only work with the new system, and in doing so will have high productivity at low cost. If the market requires more production, the company can also include some older machines that they keep stored. In this case, the progressive mutual networking of the machines helps the Randon workers. "We use the intelligence and connectivity of the machines," says Bernardo Bregoli Soares, industry manager at Randon.

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Key visual Highspeed Eco
Highspeed Eco

A good machine must be coordinated so that it achieves its objective without manual readjustment. You can set new speed records for nitrogen cutting with a solid-state laser using the Highspeed Eco cutting process. Depending on the sheet thickness, the sheet throughput increases by up to 100% using the same laser power. You also reduce cutting gas consumption by 70%.

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Whether you are already making great strides into the networked future of your company or are just starting out, the goal is clear: be ready for constantly increasing complexity and decreasing lot sizes in sheet metal processing. You will implement your Smart Factory step by step with our innovative TruConnect range of solutions. No two paths are the same because TruConnect enables individual components to be combined to create customized solutions.

TruBend Series 5000, productive all-around machine
TruBend Series 5000

The TruBend Series 5000 TRUMPF's most successful bending machine worldwide. This means from programming, to setup, to bending, production productivity will be unmatched. Innovative features such as the lower tool displacement and the 6-axis backgauge provide you with complete production freedom. The operator's work is made easier by numerous innovations such as the control concept, which is a revolution in its simplicity and intuitive use, as well as new solutions in the field of ergonomics, such as the MagicShoe.