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Marking on the fly

Marking on the fly

Inspires your production

With TruMark lasers, you can mark single parts or a series distortion-free, even when they are moving - for example through the processing station on a conveyor. This is made possible by the "Marking on the fly" function (MOF). This overlays the movement of the object to be marked with the laser beam movement.

More automation options

"Marking on the fly" simplifies the integration of a conveyor belt or conveyor system in your production line.

Excellent process reliability

The speed is continuously calculated and the marking is adapted in real time.

Autonomous marking

A light barrier starts the marking automatically as soon as the workpiece approaches.

High productivity

"Marking on the fly" increases the speed and therefore the productivity of your production.

Marking on the fly software module, TruTops Mark

Greater continuity for quick production

In continuous production processes, it must be possible for you to mark workpieces without stopping the conveyor. TruMark lasers give you the freedom to mark your parts as they go by. The "Marking on the fly" (MOF) option overlays the movement of the object to be marked with the laser beam movement - for distortion-free marking. The speed of the transport device is constantly measured via an encoder signal. This ensures consistent marking, even for acceleration and deceleration processes.

Funktionsweise Marking on the fly

MOF for robots

The robust design of the TruMark Series 3000 enables you to also apply the "Marking on the fly" principle to robotic applications. With this type of system, you can apply functional and design-related markings to large free forms.

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