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Real-time localization

Real-time locating systems enable real-time tracking of the location of objects and new applications such as automated guided vehicle systems (AGVs). But locating solutions are often offered on a proprietary basis as a closed system and can therefore not be used interoperably with other solutions. But not with TRUMPF: With our support, integrators or infrastructure providers can offer flexible complete solutions for real-time location, based on omlox, the world's first open location standard. With our future-proof system infrastructure, we make localization easy and cost-effective within the omlox core zone. Including hardware, software, services and consulting.

Our products

TRUMPF core zone software

The TRUMPF core zone software generates RTLS positioning data from UWB communication between permanently installed satellites and mobile tags. Since the TRUMPF core zone is compatible with both the omlox air-interface and the omlox hub API, it facilitates complete interoperability with other omlox-compatible apps and tags.

Satellite / PCB / Blueprint

The core zone satellites enable infrastructure-based localization of UWB tracking. These are installed on the ceiling or the wall, for example. Depending on the case, the PCB or its blueprint can also be used along with the complete satellites with housing. The UWB solution can thus also be integrated into existing products.

Certified Locating Hardware

Localization information of UWB-capable devices, such as tags, automated guided vehicle systems or sensors, is located in a standardized coordinate system. TRUMPF provides not only complete tags but also their electronics (printed circuit boards) and development blueprint.

Integration consulting

TRUMPF supports integrators and infrastructure providers in developing omlox-compatible RTLS solutions. We apply our expertise in a targeted way and consult integrators and infrastructure providers on the development of their end user solution. We are also by your side for both the development of RTLS Use Cases and the setup of service, sales structure and end user training.

TRUMPF's omlox core zone infrastructure can be seamlessly combined with our 5G campus networks and offers real added value for our customers. Together with TRUMPF, we can offer the most flexible, highly precise and extremely robust localization solution from a single source.

Matthias Volk
Vice President Sales Automotive Deutsche Telekom Business Customers

omlox – the open locating standard

What advantages does the open omlox standard offer and how can you set up a customized RTLS overall package for your customers? Find out everything about the world's first open localization standard, which is supported by TRUMPF and many other independent partners from Europe, the USA and Asia.

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TRUMPF Tracking Technologies Sales

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Chief Customer Officer, TRUMPF Tracking Technologies

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Partner management, TRUMPF Tracking Technologies
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