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TruBend Series 1000
TruBend Series 1000
Bending machines

TruBend Series 1000

Reliable basic machine

Quality guaranteed

The bending machines of the TruBend Series 1000 take care of all common bending tasks with reliable accuracy. They are the right choice for users wishing to enter the world of TRUMPF. Impress your customers by opting for proven TRUMPF quality.

High quality

Decades of bending experience and an array of groundbreaking innovations.

Long service life

Top quality throughout a long machine life – from the first bend to the last.


The bending machines are characterized by a high process accuracy.

Best operating concept

Maximum safety and simple operation due to numerous options.

The right tool

You can use either the excellent TRUMPF tool system or another one of your choice.

TruBend Series 1000, crowning
Innovative crowning

TruBend Series 1000, high accuracy
High accuracy

Due to the highly accurate backgauges, among others

TruBend Series 3000, component with different bends

A variety of different possible edges

TruBend Series 5000, thick sheet part

You can also produce long profiles

TruBend Series 5000, thick sheet part

You decide the sheet thickness – the machine has a wide-ranging processing spectrum

The bending machines of the TruBend Series 1000 can be easily adapted to your requirements. Choose from a wide range of options.

TruBend Series 1000

Operation is important: Choose from a range of intuitive operating systems to find what meets your requirements.

TruBend Series 1000, BendGuard
Top-standard safety devices

Maximum safety: The BendGuard monitors the movement of the press beam during the bending process.

TruBend Series 1000, tool system
Tool system

Use the TRUMPF tool system with all its benefits or, if needed, another traditional tool system.

TruBend Series 1000, tool clamp
Various tool clamps

Mechanical or hydraulic clamps reduce setup times and enable tools to be set up from the front.

TruBend Series 1000, backgauge
2-axis or 4-axis backgauge

The bending machines are available with a 2-axle or 4-axle backgauge. You decide which version is best for your tasks.

Additional backgauge fingers

Additional backgauge fingers increase part quality. They serve as additional support points which assist in the bending of long and narrow sheet metal pieces.

TruTops Bend

TruTops Bend

Count on the best quality from the very first part. During the programming of automated bending cells, this is ensured by TruTops Bend through the incorporated bending expertise of TRUMPF – in the form of bend deductions as well as algorithms for tool selection and the calculation of bending sequences.

TecZone Bend

Program faster than ever before: With TecZone Bend you can combine bend programming in the office with shop floor programming at the TruBend bending machine. A program suggestion is automatically created in a few seconds based on 2D and 3D data – including NC program.

TruTops Boost

Program your bending machines intelligently using TruTops Boost, the all-in-one solution for 3D design. Numerous automated processes save you time-consuming routine processes. You also profit from a comprehensive ruleset with the bundled technical expertise of TRUMPF.


The software portfolio from TRUMPF optimises your entire production process – from the customer query to delivery of the finished part. TRUMPF combines the software intelligently with machines and services to create customised Industry 4.0 solutions for your Smart Factory.

Standard tools

Choose from more than 150 upper and lower tool versions. You can order tools individually or as a set.

Special tools

TRUMPF develops individual tools for your special tasks. To guarantee the quality of your parts, TRUMPF tests the tools with your specific material and creates initial sample parts.


The EcoDur range of bending tools includes tools for the most important applications at an attractive price.

This product range and information may vary depending on the country. Subject to changes to technology, equipment, price, and range of accessories. Please get in touch with your local contact person to find out whether the product is available in your country.

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