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SheetMaster, integrated tool changer

Automation components for punching and punch laser machines

Machines, coordinated automation options, and programming technology: You benefit from turnkey concepts from a one-stop supplier.

Loading, unloading, and sorting

SheetMaster, Beladen von Rohmaterial sowie Entladen und Sortieren von Fertigteilen

The SheetMaster not only loads and unloads your machine, but also reliably sorts parts.


With the TRUMPF SheetMaster, you can load and unload your punching or punch laser machine automatically, and therefore, cost-effectively and reliably. Suction cups take sheets or blanks from the loading station and move them to the machine table. The SheetMaster deposits finished parts on an unloading platform. Through additional components and connection options, the automation component can be expanded efficiently.

  • TruPunch 3000 / 5000
  • TruMatic 6000 / 6000 fiber / 7000
SheetMaster (new generation)

The new SheetMaster automatically loads and unloads your punching machine or punch laser machine. It also sorts your finished parts and packs them on pallets. To further increase the loading speed, the raw sheets are pre-separated while the SheetMaster is still unloading parts.

  • TruMatic 5000
  • TruPunch 3000

Loading and unloading

SheetMaster Compact

The SheetMaster Compact enables the reliable, automated loading of raw sheets or pre-cut parts. Furthermore, you can reliably unload micro-joint sheets and scrap skeletons.

SheetMaster Compact

The space-saving SheetMaster Compact is the entry-level solution for automated punching. It loads the machine with sheets or blanks and unloads micro-joint sheets and scrap skeletons reliably and efficiently. Therefore, your system is markedly more productive and requires very little additional floor space.

  • TruPunch 1000 (S19) / 2000 / 3000
  • TruMatic 1000 fiber / 3000 fiber


SortMaster Compact

The SortMaster Box and SortMaster Box Linear handle the automated sorting of small parts.

SortMaster Compact

The SortMaster Compact unloads your punching machine or punch laser machine in an automated and reliable manner. It needs very little space for this. Compact suction cups grip nearly every part, thereby ensuring a short removal time. The SortMaster Compact sorts and stacks finished parts on standard charge carriers.

  • TruPunch 1000 / 3000
  • TruMatic 1000 fiber / 3000 fiber
SortMaster Box / SortMaster Box Linear

The SortMaster Box and SortMaster Box Linear automatically sort small parts into up to four boxes – all while unmanned during production. As a result, you can work even more productively.

  • TruPunch 5000
  • TruMatic 7000


GripMaster, Restgitter und Reststreifen einfach entsorgen

The GripMaster, ShearMaster, and DisposeMaster take care of the reliable disposal of scrap skeletons and efficient scrap handling.


The GripMaster ensures convenient scrap skeleton handling. It automatically removes scrap skeletons and remainder strips and stacks them on a scissor table without the need for any operator intervention. As a result, your sheet metal scrap is under control at all times.

  • TruPunch 5000
  • TruMatic 7000
GripMaster (new generation)

The GripMaster automatically disposes of and stacks scrap skeletons, remainder strips, and microjoint sheets. It detects and reports the stack height so that the operating personnel can simply remove stacks parallel to production.

  • TruPunch 3000
  • TruMatic 5000

The ShearMaster simplifies the automated disposal of scrap and remainder sheets on your TruPunch 5000 and TruMatic 7000. Working parallel to production, it pulls the scrap skeletons from the machine onto its conveyor table and divides them into easy-to-handle strips using a shear unit.

  • TruPunch 5000
  • TruMatic 7000

The DisposeMaster automatically disposes of anything which is left over after skeleton-free punching. It sorts shredded scrap skeletons and punching slugs according to up to three material types.

  • TruPunch 3000 / 5000

Tool handling

ToolMaster Linear, flexible tool system

Automated tool changes are performed quickly, reliably, and conveniently with the ToolMaster or the ToolMaster Linear.

ToolMaster / ToolMaster Linear

Increase the productivity of your punching and punch laser machines with the right tool magazine. Whether its the classic ToolMaster or the ToolMaster Linear – with our fully automatic systems, you will always have the right tool at hand.

  • TruPunch 3000 / 5000
  • TruMatic 5000 / 7000

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