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TruDisk: Sharper than the sharpest mind

The new TruDisk generation of disk lasers: TRUMPF presents the most advanced and most intelligent high-power solid-state lasers developed so far. Whether for welding, cutting, or surface processing of metals, the TruDisk impresses in all applications that demand high power with brilliant beam quality. Robust and compact as ever, the energy-efficient disk laser also scores high with its inner values: The hardware has been optimally designed for the digital future of your production halls.

Kompakte Aufstellfläche der neuen TruDisk Generation


The structure of the new TruDisk takes up only a small amount of space, since the installation surface has been halved in comparison to the predecessor model. Even with the optional integrated compressor cooler, the compact device requires a surface area of just 0.85m2. With the fixed transport castors, the disk laser can also be integrated in your production systems with flexibility and in a way that is easy to service.

Neue Generation TruDisk, Robuster Optikaufbau


The new TRUMPF TruDisk disk laser is extremely reliable in industrial continuous operation - without consumables and even under extreme ambient conditions. With the optimized optical arrangement, you benefit from even faster switch-on behavior. Furthermore, the patented resonator structure is resistant to reflections. The integrated heat exchanger enables you to connect the laser directly to your household water network for a cooling water supply temperature in the range of 5°C to 28°C. With the optional integrated compressor cooler, you can even benefit from a maximum cooling water supply temperature of 38°C. As a result, since you no longer require an external cooler, you can save on costs and installation surface.

Energieeffizienz der neuen TruDisk Generation dank Verbesserung während Laser-Off-Zeiten


The new TruDisk generation impresses with an energy-efficient plus function. For the first time, you can completely shut down the diode current between two processing steps to 0 A. The intelligent energy management of the TruDisk laser really shows its strengths during longer processing interruptions. It ensures that the laser works in an energy-saving, cost-efficient manner when the laser is both on and off.

Smart View Services


Instead of manual control, you regulate the laser power in real time. This enables you to benefit from the highest power stability on the market, and across the entire service life of the new disk laser generation. The result is fully reproducible results around the clock. If a malfunction occurs, TRUMPF service experts can set up a secure remote connection to the laser and access the key parameters following your approval. This often enables the malfunction to be rectified directly or the configuration of the laser to be altered so that you are able to continue with production until the spare part arrives. In order to determine any potential failure risks of the laser in advance and prevent unplanned idle states, TRUMPF uses the data and parameters of the sensors in the laser device for trend analysis. This is done using the Condition Based Services, and only with your approval.

TruDisk neue Generation, Vernetzte Fertigung


Interfaces are vitally important for integrating a laser in a machine or for networked production. TRUMPF disk lasers therefore have interfaces to all conventional fieldbus systems. The processes are regulated in real time. The control system of the TruControl manages, controls, and visualizes the interface assignment. You therefore have the advantage of a uniform control architecture across all laser technologies. You can control intelligent TRUMPF optics across the various interfaces, e.g. the CFO controlled focusing optics or the PFO programmable focusing optics. You can easily program the processing optics via the laser control without the need for a separate PC or or additional control. If you also opt for the optional integrated compressor cooler, you can easily control and monitor the entire cooling system of the laser in TruControl.

TruDisk, sharper than the sharpest mind


With the new TruDisk generation of disk lasers, you can equip yourself optimally for Industry 4.0. Numerous sensors monitor all the key parameters in the laser. This data is simultaneously recorded via Precision Time Protocol. All key parameters of the laser can be read out via the OPC-UA interface, even without physical access to the device. With the possibility of future condition and trend analyses, such as Condition Monitoring or Predictive Maintenance, you can create the basic conditions for implementing the laser successfully in digitized and networked production halls.

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