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Smart Factory – Multiple options, one experienced partner

You, as a sheet metal processor, face an increasing number of product variants and shorter order times. You therefore need a strategy to remain competitive in the future. Doing nothing is not an option. Build on your strengths and see the path to a connected factory as an opportunity. You won't be alone. We know every production differs, and therefore also your particular situation and goals. We would love to be your partner on your journey to a Smart Factory. Until your production works the way you want it to.

These customers have joined us on the path to networked production.

Colleagues in front of a miniature model of production

Our investment in the future has therefore paid off, even though we are only just at the start of our journey into Industry 4.0 with our first factory.

Liu Bo
Production Manager at SNBC
Managing director of the FBT company

Step by step to a Smart Factory – working together with TRUMPF as a partner That is my motto, and we have made a start.

Ralf Stirl
FBT Feinblechtechnik GmbH
CEO of the Knoll company

Looking back, we have achieved a lot in just four years and have done everything right.

Joachim Riebsamen
Head of the Unfinished Structures department at Knoll
CEO of the Laserco company

With the help of minor improvements to the tool stations and laser processing machines, we have succeeded in eliminating paper from production and have saved a great deal of time.

Julian Jiménez
Managing Director of Lasercor

We know about the critical points in processes.

Portrait of the CEO of the Lasercor company
Writing success stories by using smart production control

How the Spanish Lasercor job shop was helped by TruConnect experts to uncover potentials that provided a real boost with minimal effort.

Keyvisual lot size 1
Even lot sizes of 1 are profitable

Requirements for parts production are becoming increasingly individualized. This reduces lot sizes. How to profit again from any order, large or small.

Production hall at Knoll
"Nachts produziert die Fabrik alleine"

Warum KNOLL Maschinenbau auf eine intelligente Steuerung des Materialflusses setzt und so seine Fertigung in wenigen Jahren von Grund auf optimiert hat.

Our process solutions

Basic Connectivity Kit

The Basic Connectivity Kit enables you to connect older TRUMPF machines or machines from other manufacturers to your local system – with astonishing ease.


With the ToolMaster automatic tool changer, you can set up your bending machine automatically for each new program.

Condition Guide

The Condition Guide feature ensures that you always know the condition of your machine. A simple traffic light system shows the status of key elements.

Condition Monitoring

Laser condition monitoring

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Condition Report

Den Zustand Ihrer Maschine immer im Blick.


MyTRUMPF is TRUMPF's online customer portal. Order Genuine Parts for TRUMPF machine tools here.

Laser cutting

Kit of modular automation components.

Laser tube cutting

Efficient material handling and good accessibility.

MobileControl app

Operate and monitor your machines and systems with ease and flexibility. The app transfers the control panel user interface directly to your tablet.

OPC UA Retrofit

The TRUMPF OPC UA Retrofit retrofits digital interfaces to your existing machines and systems.


Manage and keep track of all the relevant processes of your sheet metal processing system: with Oseon, you can optimize your workflows and develop your production's potential.

Programming Tube

Reduce the time and effort needed to program your laser tube-cutting machines with a 3D software packed full of powerful automated processes.

Punching and punch laser processing

Machine, custom-fit automation variants and programming technology: Benefit from a provider of complete systems.

Quality Data Storage

The system records process data and stores it in flexible storage locations to automate data quality assurance.

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Remote Support

Rapid solutions: in the event of a malfunction, our service engineers support you via remote access.

STOPA large-scale storage systems

With its customer-specific design, your STOPA large-scale storage system is fully flexible in terms of length, width, height, and sheet size.

Smart Material Flow

You will gain insights into the factory flow, release resources and generate more turnover with digitalization.

Smart Teach app

The PFO SmartTeach application facilitates programming of the PFO focusing optics.

Smart View Services

By having your lasers monitored by TRUMPF experts and algorithms, you can increase their availability and productivity.

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Sorting Guide

The Sorting Guide is a camera-based assistance system that assists the worker in removing and sorting sheet metal parts.

TecZone Bend

Program your bending machine more quickly and easily than ever before.

Tool Setup Optimizer

This option checks which parts require the same tools and how the tool stations can be optimally combined.

TruStore Series 1000

The TruStore Series 1000's reliable and economical compact store makes material handling easier.

TruStore Series 3000

The TruStore Series 3000 compact store grows with your requirements and can be expanded to a fully automated system.

TruTops Boost

Boost your performance at the touch of a button with the unique software for 3D design and programming of laser, punching, punch-laser, and bending machines.

TruTops Calculate

Calculate and create quotations.

TruTops Cell

Parts import / design / programming for 3D processing machines and robots.

TruTops Fab Production module

Integrate all of your production operations, regardless of whether they are manual or automatic workstations.

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TruTops Fab app

You can receive information about your production orders and the status of your machines at any time and anywhere. You then always have an overview of your production.

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TruTops Monitor

Record and analyze machine data such as downtimes and error messages from every workstation in production.

Find out more
TruTops Tube

Program tube cutting machines for processing tubes and profiles – simply and efficiently.

TruTops Weld

With the TRUMPF TruTops Weld offline programming system, and the TeachLine sensor solution, you get a complete welding program faster than ever before.

Windows retrofit

TRUMPF offers several solutions for safely integrating old TRUMPF machine tools into a networked production.

What does the future hold? Click the "i" button and find out more!

Control center at the Smart Factory in Chicago
What is a Smart Factory?

A Smart Factory is a production environment in which people, machines, automation and software work together perfectly.

Smart Factory Consulting
What is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 refers to the Fourth Industrial Revolution – also known as the "Digital Transformation". Its aim is optimal positioning of industrial production for the future.

Trees in front of the Smart Factory in Chicago
Our Smart Factory in Chicago

From theory to practice. Take a look at the first fully connected Smart Factory! As an Industry 4.0 pioneer, TRUMPF opened a new technology centre in Chicago in September 2017.

Graphic of a Smart Factory
What is TruConnect?

TruConnect is the modular solution for TRUMPF's Smart Factory. Sheet metal processors can use it to equip their production facilities to meet rapidly changing market and customer requirements.

Control center at the Smart Factory in Chicago
What is a Smart Factory?

What specific advantages does a Smart Factory have? Smart networking makes production transparent. Sheet metal processors then always know what is happening and can plan better. Indirect processes are optimized. Digital factory operators have faster and more flexible production and their processes can be better managed. This is crucial, especially for smaller lot sizes. The basis of the Smart Factory's communications is the Internet of Things (IoT). Everything communicates with everything else in the "Internet of Things". The product communicates the information required for production to the smart factory.

Smart Factory Consulting
What is Industry 4.0?

Digital connectivity is at the heart of Industry 4.0, offering enormous potential to increase flexibility and productivity through manufacturing technology computerization and digital business platform development. Digital connectivity links different components within and beyond a production facility. The factory of the future optimizes procedures for the long term and drastically shortens processes.

Trees in front of the Smart Factory in Chicago
Fully networked already – experience our demo factory in Chicago

In Chicago, TRUMPF is showing how fully connected production works in practice. People, machines, automation and software are already working seamlessly together there. In the Smart Factory, sheet metal processors experience connected manufacturing systems in a real-life environment. The core target group are primarily small and medium-sized contract manufacturers still in the early stages of digital connectivity.

Graphic of a Smart Factory
What is TruConnect?

TruConnect customers get tailor-made solutions in three steps according to their specific needs: from a simple start or step-by-step adaptation through to fully networked systems. Regardless of the current situation of customers, the goal on the path to a completely networked Smart Factory is clear: to bring greater transparency, flexibility and, most importantly, economy to the entire process.

Step by step into the digital future

Regardless of whether you are already taking big steps or are just starting out on the path to your company's connected future, the goal is clear: to be ready for increasing complexity and decreasing batch sizes in sheet metal processing. By using our innovative TruConnect solutions, you can achieve a Smart Factory step by step. Different paths can be taken because TruConnect components can be combined to create your own individualized solution. We will be happy to accompany you on the way.

Starting out

Lay the foundations for your Smart Factory using machines ready equipped for connectivity. The main objective is to create transparency in production and identify potential for optimization.

Step-by-step adaptation

Turn your production into a Smart Factory by using automated machines and autonomous processing cells embedded within a production system. The consequence: the degree of automation increases and productivity rises.

Fully networked

The end result will be an integrated production system from the order to the delivery. With a complete system, highly efficient production will always be possible in your Smart Factory.

Carry out the Smart Factory potential check now

Do you want to know how to make your production ready for the challenges of the connected future? We know that there are no standard solutions. We therefore optimize precisely those process steps that hold the greatest potential for networking in your production. Find out exactly how this can be done in our Smart Factory potential check. Use the green button to select the process step that interests you and discover the potential for optimization and the voices of customers at the same point. In just two clicks, you'll find out the most direct path to increasing your level of connectivity. Let's start!

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1. Select process step

  • Enquiry, Offer, Job order

  • Production preparation and programming

  • Production planning and control

  • Shipping

  • Manual production steps

  • Intralosgistic steps

2. Select potential

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Clicking on the flag adds this potential to your list of interests, which can be downloaded as a summary in PDF format.

Smart Factory Consulting – let us advise you!

We will accompany you on your path into the connected future What potential does networking have for you? What does your path to networked production look like? Regardless of whether you want to just make a start, make step-by-step adaptations or fully network throughout, our consultants will help you find the ideal solution for any situation.

Request consultation

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A highly automated production system maximizes cost-effectiveness and efficiency for the long term.

Uwe Cichowicz
Smart Factory Consultant
Service & contact