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Here you will find general FAQs that may help you. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

Are optional functions available for the TruBend Series 1000 Basic Edition?

The TruBend Series 1000 Basic Edition is only available in pre-configured models. Those configurated models are optimized for customer needs and applications. You can chose between the Core, Classic and Comfort models.

Can I start working with the TruBend Series 1000 Basic Edition immediately after start-up?

Yes, the machine comes with initial equipment with upper and lower tools (1.5 m each). This initial set of tooling is mainly for final acceptance test but also can be used for customer bending applications. Moreover, the machine is supplied full of oil so you can start working with your new TruBend Series 1000 Basic Edition immediately.

Can the TruBend Series 1000 Basic Edition be programmed offline?

Yes, the TruBend Series 1000 Basic Edition can be programmed offline using TecZone Bend. A demo license is provided with the machine that can be used and tested for 12 months from the delivery date.

What type of control is the RA control of the TruBend Series 1000 Basic Edition?

The RA control – Right Angle Control – is our very own, TRUMPF-developed machine control. The RA-control architecture is based on the offline programming system TecZone Bend and added by a very easy to use operator interface (UI).

A traditional tool clamp is available on the Core and Classic models. What kind of tools does this tool clamp work with?

The traditional tool clamp works with tools from other manufacturers, which a lot of customers already work with.

Can the LASERdur tools from TRUMPF be used with the TruBend Series 1000 Basic Edition?

Yes, the proven and high-quality TRUMPF LASERdur bending tools can be clamped to the Comfort model of the TruBend Series 1000 Basic Edition.

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