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As a well-established company, TRUMPF considers it part of its corporate responsibility to handle resources carefully and to avoid negative impacts on the environment as much as possible. This is why we have set ourselves ambitious global climate protection targets and support the 1.5 degree goal of the Paris Agreement. We are clearly in line with the reduction path of the Science Based Targets Initiative.

Climate action

TRUMPF is investing almost 80 million euros in climate protection by 2030. Specifically, we are focusing on the following measures:

Power consumption reduction

Our objective is to make annual savings of 1.5% in electricity and 3% in natural gas and fuel oil (in comparison to 2018/19 respectively). By 2030, we will reduce our consumption by 25.5 gigawatt hours and invest around 40 million euros in this undertaking. Our overriding goal is to keep our energy consumption at approximately the same level until 2030 while simultaneously expanding.

Sustainable energy supply

TRUMPF is consisting developing its in-house energy generation from renewable sources. Any suitable rooftops of our sites all over the world will be equipped with PV systems by 2027. Furthermore, we obtain electricity 100% from renewable sources by purchasing high-quality certificates and ensuring that the green electricity is from young, non-subsidized systems.

Offsetting unavoidable emissions

TRUMPF offsets unavoidable emissions which are generated by the combustion of fuels, fuel oils and natural gases. We would like to reduce this significantly in the mid-term by directly participating in sustainability projects more and more. In this respect, TRUMPF is working with organizations that implement climate protection projects all over the world, benefiting the people locally. The projects have all been awarded the Gold Standard or a comparable certificate.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency has top priority at TRUMPF so that emissions are prevented altogether. We do not want our main goal to be obtaining certificates but instead preventing the greenhouse gas emissions in the first place. This starts with the development and selection of components. Our procedures, systems and building comply with today's state of the art. A certified energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001 has been in use for several years at all European sites.

Energy efficiency has many facets

Building and infrastructure

We follow strict standards in the planning and operation of our buildings. We place particular emphasis on the longevity of our buildings and infrastructure. For our larger sites, we work with energy master plans, which depict scenarios for networking and optimizing heat and cooling flows. We also reduce our CO2 emissions using renewable energy production.

Energy efficient processes

Our goal is to continually optimize our processes, whether in production or in testing. Particularly in non-productive times, we want to reduce our power input to a minimum and, for this reason, we continually review our production processes.

This is how we save emissions worldwide

Not just for show – energy efficiency in Ditzingen, Germany

In our showroom in Ditzingen, our consistent use of energy saving modes for our solid-state lasers and automatic shutdown at night and at the weekend means that we save almost 170 tons of CO2.

Geothermal plant in Taicang, China

With the expansion of the TRUMPF plant in Taicang, China, we have installed 170 probes at a depth of 100 meters and a heat pump to utilize the temperature in the ground to heat and cool the building using geothermal energy. This has enabled us to save around 415 tons of CO2 per year.

Business optimization in Ditzingen, Germany

For the manufacture and development of high-powered laser amplifiers, which are used to produce microchips for the semiconductor industry, we optimize our processes continually, including with regard to energy efficiency. We have been able to save around 207 tons of CO2 by adapting processes and by using an energy-efficient precision cleaning machine. The machine cleans turned and milled components energy-efficiently to remove residues.

Optimization of the lighting in all buildings in Farmington, USA

We have retrofitted all fluorescent tube lights in the USA, replacing them with high-performance LED lights, further optimizing energy consumption. This has saved approx. 100 tons of CO2.

Cogeneration plant in Hettingen, Germany

A cogeneration plant in Hettingen produces the electricity for our production. The waste heat that is produced is used to heat the building. Saving: up to 100 tons CO2 per year.

Switching off machinery in production in Pasching, Austria

It has been possible to reduce the base load requirement of the machines for manufacturing bending tools in Pasching by switching off the machines at the end of the shift and at the weekend. This has saved 50 t CO2 per year. In light of this, the Austrian Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism has awarded TRUMPF Austria the Active Climate Award for successful climate protection measures.

Adaptation of the painting process Liberec, Czech Republic

Changes to the painting process means that the paint requires less heat to dry than previously. This reduces gas consumption, saving 50 tons of CO2 per year.

Conversion of lighting in Freiburg, Germany

In Freiburg in the business year 2018/19, all lighting was converted to LED. This saves 180 tons of CO2 per year.


City traffic at night

Regardless of how our employees travel to work, we encourage them to reduce their CO2 emissions with attractive offers. At the same time, we want to ensure that our mobility at the Ditzingen site as well as travel between the different company sites is as resource-efficient as possible. By 2030, we will also reduce the CO2 emissions in our vehicle fleet by 25% compared to the fiscal year of 2018/19. This is achieved with electric TRUMPF company and fleet cars, among other initiatives..

How does TRUMPF ensure sustainable mobility

Business mobility management

TRUMPF wants to considerably reduce the CO2 footprint of its employees when they travel to work. This is why we offer the option, among other things, of leasing a business bike at low cost. We also make sure that cyclists and motorcyclists have plenty of spaces for bikes, E-bikes and motorcycles, and provide showers and lockers. We use the "job ticket" to encourage people to travel to work using public transport. At the Ditzingen site, we have a street scooter that employees can use to move around the company premises. This is the electric bike used by the Deutsche Post, which TRUMPF helped to develop.

Find out more

In 2019 in Ditzingen, TRUMPF opened one of the largest electric service stations in Germany. 86 charging points are available to employees in the new company parking garage. The installed charging stations have a combined power output of around 1,000 kilowatts. This enables employees to conveniently charge their vehicle while they are at work. As a high-tech company, we are not only end users of alternative electric drive technologies, we are also an important supplier. Numerous TRUMPF lasers are used worldwide, for example, in manufacturing batteries for electric motors.

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